Co-sleeping cots, why they are great for baby and mother!


The eagerly anticipated moment has arrived! Your newborn is here and coming home with you! Research has shown, that particularly in the first months it is very important to be close to your newborn to make him feel safe. It actually benefits you and your child in the long run. If you are interested in the research, these links provide a good overview and refer to respectable sources:

Health Concerns

Seven Benefits

The co-sleeper is specifically designed to provide this closeness during sleeping and resting periods. It attaches safely to your own bed (absolutely no gap, height adjustable) and is very practical, as the close proximity makes it easy for you to feed or just cuddle, without having to get up, while your bundle of joy is perfectly safe. 

As all parents can appreciate sleep is a very precious commodity and the co-sleeper will help you to maximize your own sleep and resting periods while giving your baby the security and safety of being close to you.

This particular co-sleeper can be easily converted into a cradle or little sofa, when your baby has outgrown it.  

Your newborn will spend the vast majority of their time in bed during the first few months. They will therefore have a considerable level of exposure to the materials used in their bedding products. We don't think your baby should be exposed to harmful products such as formaldehyde-treated medium-density fibreboard (MDF), a mattress exuding toxic fumes from the foam cushioning or a fabric dye containing dangerous levels of heavy metals.

All our materials have been tested for harmful substances and have been certified as safe, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that baby is both comfortable and safe while sleeping.

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