Sugar free chocolate heaven


We love treats in this house! All sorts of treats! But because we avoid sugar as much as possible, we make them at home ourselves (which is also great for your purse) :)

Here's one of my all time favorites! 

You need

coconut oil (100g)

any nut butter - we use almond butter (120g) 

raw cocoa powder (80g)

3 table spoons of honey or agave syrup 

+ anything else you'd like to add (i.e. a couple of drops of vanilla extract, whole nuts etc) 


Heat the coconut oil & nut butter and take off heat when fully melted. Mix in the cocoa powder, then the honey (and other ingredients). 

Now pour everything into a container, we use little hearts, and put them in to the fridge. 

Et voila my friends :) They will be ready to go in about one hour! Devine!