Which pram? Test results, which might interest you!

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Expecting a baby is such an exciting state of mind. One of the major decisions is which pram to choose. If you go pram shopping you might find the prices steep, with many prams priced at 1000 Euros PLUS!
The results of this test conducted in 2015 by German agency "Stiftung Warentest" ( independent consumer watchdog) show that we have more things to consider than the price.

Out of 14 prams and pushchairs tested only one came out well -Grade 0.5 being best - Grade 5.5 being worst
The devices were tested in the following categories: child oriented design, handling, durability, safety and pollutants/ harmful substances.
Test winner is the Britax Go (higher price range - (test result grade 2.4) It did well in all categories. The Hauck Malibu XL (very reasonably priced) also did pretty ok in all categories (test result grade 3.4)
Two prams failed the test because of harmful substances in lining and handle bars - Joolz Day Earth and ... sad to say... Stokke Trailz - both on the higher end of price range.
Tests found polycyclical aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH ) in the lining of Joolz Day Earth - one namely naphthalene, which is believed to be possibly cancinogenic. The Stokke Trailz also fails the test due to the presence of chlorinated paraffin (a plastic softener) in the handle bars. This substance is absorbed through the mothers skin and can be passed on to baby through breast feeding for instance. Chlorinated paraffins are carcinogenic and have been banned in the EU since 2012.

Source: Stiftung Warentest 02/2015