Every baby is different….


… and different lessons they shall teach us :) 

I was discussing sleeping arrangements in different parts of the house with a client. I told her about how we used a bedside cot upstairs for the first few months and had a bassinet downstairs (both available in our shop, just click on the above links). The ace up my sleeve for my first born, DS, was definitely the Manduca Carrier, which will be available @ www.naturalnursery.ie within the next month. 

All three items were invaluable at different stages with both of my babies.  

With my first, I loved the bedside cot, as I got so much more sleep during the nights. The close proximity made him feel safe and when he woke for those ever so frequent night time feeds, all I had to do was reach over and "plug him in" :) I chose our solid wood bedside cot, as all it's parts, wood and fabrics, have been tested for harmful substances and are certified by leading authorities (i.e. OEKO TEX Rheinland) - which put my mind at ease, because babies spend so much time in bed. 

Daytime - different story! Sleeping during the day was very difficult for him at first and I just carried him around with me all the time. So the Manduca Carrier was and is my carrier of choice, as it is made in Germany of organic cotton & hemp, can be worn in 3 positions (front, back and side), has been safety tested and certified by the TüV in Germany and complies with the European Standard EN 13209-2:2005.
Most importantly, it supports babies in the all important "M position", also called spread-squat position. This position is vital in avoiding damage to babies spine when carried. And of course... being carried is the most natural way of being transported for little humans :) 


Whilst the bassinet didn't see too much action with DS, my DD loves it! She sleeps in it every day, but then, she sleeps more - full stop! :) The bassinet proved to be worth its weight in gold, not only as a comfortable nest for those day time naps. My son is mad about his little sister, however he is a little over enthusiastic at times,as many a toddler can be, especially when over tired. With the bassinet, I can just wheel my youngest in to the kitchen with me, or wherever I am doing stuff and don't have to be afraid she'll be "smothered" by his attention, whilst she can see me and is in close proximity. All the while knowing, all materials are gentle & have been certified by leading authorities. 

I agree with all the grandmothers saying "You don't need a lot of stuff for a baby". I don't think babies should have a million things dangling in their face, if they can engage with your own lovely face - which is their favourite pastime anyways!

But the chat I had with my client actually made me realize, that certain things ARE life savers and well worth their money.

I used all of the three items mentioned above EVERY DAY at some stage in the last … phew… yep….nearly 3 years - some more than others, depending on the baby and it's needs. But they certainly all came in very handy. And are really fabulous by the way :)