Baby Carriers… Which one is actually good for your baby?


You can spend a small fortune on a vast array of baby related products when expecting your first born. In truth many of the products are surplus to requirement in most cases, however one of the absolute essentials in my opinion is a baby carrier.

Did you know that more than 2/3 of the world population carry their offspring with them on a daily basis. It is of course historically the most natural of positions for a baby to be in, so no surprise then that experts agree that the close physical proximity to the care giver is of immense benefit to the baby on many levels.

In my experience any parent I’ve spoken to has also agreed that their baby appears happier, more content & comfortable when carried as opposed to any other position.

Nowadays it’s quite fashionable for both mommas and poppas to “carry” out their duties in this regard.

Here’s a great link, which explains why baby wearing is the way to go!

A cousin of mine, a Physiotherapist, gave me some informed advice when I decided to purchase my first carrier. It is of utmost importance to use a good quality carrier as the posture of your little one can be greatly affected by spending long periods of time in poorly designed carriers.

Most importantly, it must support babies in the all-important "M position", also called spread-squat position. This position is vital in avoiding damage to baby’s spine when carried.

With a myriad of choice available I began to trawl for information.

I came across a test conducted by the German company Oeko Test (consisting of independent experts). The parameters were based on testing both the levels of harmful substances and baby’s’ posture/ position whilst being carried.

Some of the results for market leaders were indeed surprising with the popular “Baby Bjorn” Baby Carrier failing the test due to providing virtually no leg support. Baby’s legs literally hang down from the carried position leading to unnatural hyperextension of the spine, which can have negative effects on motor development.

The “Ergo” Baby Carrier scored well with regard to the posture but failed the test due to the presence of the highly allergenic disperse dye "Disperse-Orange 37/76".

The “Manduca”Baby Carrier scored good results in both, substances and posture.

My choice was made!

The Manduca Baby Carrier has proven to be the most utilized of all the baby products I’ve ever used, I literally don’t know how I would have managed without it. I also enjoy the peace of mind knowing it’s both free from harmful substances whilst being good for my baby’s posture.

In fact I was so impressed with it I’ve decided to offer it on my shop.

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