Baby Phones - safe or not?



Here at Natural Nursery we dedicate a lot of time to choosing a safe & sensible product range for your baby. There's a vast array of products available! Some are recommendable, others aren't!

Knowledge is power, so here is our July Update.

Have you thought about the daunting topic of electro magnetic fields & electro smog yet? Unfortunately, this affects all areas of our modern lives. Baby phones, Wi-Fi Routers, Mobile Phones, etc.… Have you read about the policies in French nurseries banning Wi-Fi? Read more here!

It is a very uncomfortable topic and everyone seems to be at a loss when it comes to deciding on how best to deal with it, especially as it is practically unavoidable in our society! Facts and articles on the topic can be very overwhelming and anxiety evoking. Really, sometimes it is easier just to ignore the message, true?

We think, every little bit (less) helps though. That’s why it is brillilant to have independent institutions like “Stiftung Warentest” and “Ökotest”, both based in Germany, who test all sorts of products for parents like you and I.
After all, how are we supposed to know which car seats passed or failed safety tests beyond the standard tests, which can be lax (read our blog post here), which toys have had way too many harmful substances for our precious babies to put in their mouths (read our blog post here) or in this instance which baby phones are emitting electro smog on a constant basis?

This month we are looking at baby phones currently on the market to see how safe they really are. German Watchdog “Ökotest” tested 16 devices and only two products were recommendable. – Angelcare Babyphon AC423-D and Ikea Family Patrull. You might have guessed… The problem with most baby phones is that they still work with pulsed electromagnetic radiation, some of them constantly. So 14 out of 16 devices barely passed the test due to their high emission of electro smog.

“Ökotest’s” recommendations:
It is always best to place the baby phone as far away as possible from your baby and if you chose a device, which works with batteries (for sender and receiver), you can at least avoid electric magnetic fields, as they create electro smog.