Organic Virgin Merino Wool Overall - your top of the range winter suit :)

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Why choose our 100 % organic virgin merino wool winter overall for your baby?

Firstly: NO! It is not itchy! It's super soft and cosy and very gentle on your babies' skin. 

It is unbelievably practical! It's cuffs on arms and legs create a snug fit and because babies grow at an enormous rate, the cuffs can simply be left open to maximize usage.

We all know that winter time is a busy time! Particularly around Christmas, when rushing in and out of shops. The good news is, your baby won't be sweating, which usually happens in Polyester overalls, because wool possesses excellent warmth retention whilst regulating cutaneous respiration and oxygen exchange.

Wool is also naturally moisture-regulating, i.e. it can absorb up to one third of its own weight of moisture and, pending external conditions, return it to the environment. 

Doesn't it put your mind at ease to know, that absolutely no harmful substances have been added to material and dye? After all, we all know how sensitive your little one's skin is and we don't want any nasty pesticides or chemicals near them! Since 1982 ENGEL has focused consistently on the manufacture and processing of pure natural fibres. 

So it is only to be expected that soft, warm and smooth fibres specially developed for allergy-prone babies should be soft on their skin, soothe them and help them to relax. Absolutely no chemical substances, irritating dyes or allergenic substances should be used to finish any textiles that come into direct contact with the skin. ENGEL has always had the very highest standards for non-toxic material quality.

Lastly, it is super cute! The amount of people commenting on this beautiful overall was one of the reasons why we adopted it in to our collections. 

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