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SAFE is a training program to enhance secure attachment between parents and children. It is designed for expecting parents (around the 6month mark) and offers 10 sessions in total in a group setting (4 during pregnancy, 6 after pregnancy), coupled with individual feedback to parents (Adult Attachment Interview). 

“The development of a secure attachment between parents and child is the ideal foundation for the healthy physical, psychological, and social development of the child. It is therefore crucial that we make every effort to support parents as well as children in their earliest developmental phases to ensure that this important developmental step is successfully accomplished.” K.H. Brisch

Dear parents to be,

Pregnancy, birth & parenthood - a new, exciting phase of life with many happy moments! It also raises many questions.

Many parents feel overwhelmed and insecure and quite often differ in opinion as to what is the best for their baby. These days, parents are confronted with information from books, television, not to mention the well-intended opinions of friends, relatives, and grandparents. Unfortunately, the sometimes contradictory advice can be both overwhelming and confusing.

Perhaps you, like so many other parents-to-be, have asked yourself some of the following questions:

How do I become a good mother or a good father?
How can I build a good relationship with my child and get him or her on the right developmental path?
What should I do when my baby cries or can’t fall asleep despite my best efforts?
What should we as parents do when our needs are different from those of our baby?
Creche… Yes? No? When?
At what point am I spoiling my child, and when does my child need limits?
How can I avoid unconsciously transmitting my own unpleasant/ unhealthy childhood experiences to my child?
How can we best handle our change in status from couplehood to parenthood?

Participation in SAFE® enables you to perceive your child's emotional needs better, particularly with regard to the development of attachment, and to enhance a secure attachment through sensitive interaction.

Children with a secure emotional attachment exhibit more prosocial and less aggressive behavior, tend to be more empathetic and creative, have longer attention spans, and show superior cognitive capacities and greater resilience in difficult situations than do children who have developed an insecure attachment.

The SAFE program consists of group day courses before and after childbirth; sensitivity training and a help line or hotline. 

Please email us @ info@naturalnursery.ie to enquire about available places. We will take a deposit of €99. 

Stephanie Burke is currently the only qualified SAFE Mentor in the Republic of Ireland (qualification gained under Dr. Brisch through the Department of Pediatric Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital University of Munich)