In 2012 I became a mother to my first child, a gorgeous little boy. Being the youngest of three children I’d not had any experience of anything baby related. Never changed a nappy, never had to rock a child to sleep, never had to ask myself questions like – What type of bed? Food? Toy? Soother? Pram or Carrier? Breast feeding or bottle? “Cry it out” or “Wait it out?” ….the list goes on!

I have always taken an interest in psychological development and years of teaching in schools helped me to understand the human mind, its needs and wants, in great detail.
My training in psychotherapy gave a scientific base to what came naturally to me when mothering my children. Attachment parenting, its necessity, its benefits & advantages. Attachment parenting put very simply means, keeping your children in close contact with you thus ensuring them the secure base they need to venture out into society as confident, strong and wholesome individuals.

During my training I developed the idea for the Natural Nursery website. The website aims to provide families with safe & nurturing products around the idea of attachment parenting – the idea of bringing parents and babies closer and enhancing empathy between parent & child. Because the first year of life is of particular importance to developing a secure base I have chosen to pay significant emphasis to this phase –along with it, the topics of sleep, feeding and keeping your baby close in a carrier as a means of transport.

I set about sourcing a range of products that compliment and facilitate the areas of co-sleeping and breast feeding  – as research has shown these to be tremendously beneficial to emotional & psychological development.
I’ve also dedicated my time into sourcing and providing a range of products, which have your baby’s best interests at heart. 

Research has identified an alarming level of complacency regarding both, the use of materials in the manufacturing processes and the general level of safety for many infant / child items currently on sale in your local high street retailers.
Your newborn will spend the vast majority of their time in bed during the first few months. They will therefore have a considerable level of exposure to the materials used in their bedding products. 

Your baby should NOT be exposed to harmful products such as formaldehyde-treated medium-density fibreboard (MDF), a mattress exuding toxic fumes from the foam cushioning or a fabric dye containing dangerous levels of heavy metals.

All our materials have been tested for harmful substances and have been certified as safe, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that baby is both comfortable and safe while sleeping, feeding or in the carrier.

I regularly update my blog with news and reviews on products, which have been tested by German consumer watchdog agency Stiftung Warentest – who have been providing a very valuable service informing parents about products that can be most beneficial or indeed in some cases harmful (i.e. lead laden toys, carriers which damage your child's spine, and prams/ beds with high levels of toxins)