Some Facts

Your newborn will spend the vast majority of their time in bed during the first few months. They will therefore have a considerable level of exposure to the materials used in their bedding products. If there's anything that could harm your little one, whether it's a cot bed manufactured using formaldehyde-treated medium-density fibreboard (MDF), a mattress exuding toxic fumes from the foam cushioning or a fabric dye containing dangerous levels of heavy metals ....we feel you should know about it.

If like a growing number of parents today you would like to adopt the use of a baby carrier so your infant can enjoy the benefit of being close to you, then we feel you should be aware that research has shown that many of the market leading brands have failed safety tests relating to sufficent levels of support required for the development of good posture.

We know that our children need our protection most especially whilst in those early stages as they strenghten their immune systems & develop physically. To help you safeguard your baby from exposure to harmful substances & unsafe products we at Natural Nursery strive to empower you with the information needed for you to make the right choices.

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